Common Metal Items

Irving's Recyclables provides customers across Long Island with trusted and reliable scrap metal services. There are many common items that can be found and brought down to our Amityville location. Recycling metals is a crucial aspect of society. Metals left outside can rust and cause harmful damage to the environment. So, by bringing them in you would be creating a more sustainable earth. Another aspect you'd be helping in is the manufacturing of metal products. Many metals are highly reusable, so by recycling them the manufacturing process becomes more eco-friendly. All-in-all, recycling metals is a great way to do some good, help the environment, and get a little cash. Below are a few items and products that contain metals.

Washing Machines

This may not be the first object you would think of recycling, but it's a big one. Both literally and figuratively. It turns out that washing machines actually have a body and drum made with steel. Most of the remaining material in washers are plastic, which is a little more obvious on the exterior. Cords are usually coated with copper. A wonderful thing about these machines is that they normally do not consist of any hazardous liquids like some other appliances. As a result, they have been more earth-friendly than refrigerators and freezers.


Recycling and scrapping computers is a huge global system. As the progress of technology causes machines to quickly turn obsolete, millions of computers and accessories have to go somewhere. Sometimes they are loaded on boats and shipped overseas to third world countries. Otherwise, there are usually nearby recycling facilities such as Irving's. By the way, have you every opened a computer tower? There's actually a lot of empty space in there. The interior features a few circuit boards, drives, cables, power supply and fan. Not much else. Most PCs become rather useless after a decade. One of the few parts you may want to salvage is the hard drive in order to save files. Otherwise, the material is ripe for e-waste recycling.

Video Game Console Systems

Like computers, video gaming is constantly updated as well. People want the latest systems while the previous ones are phased out. Especially the consoles that are broken. Because these electronics contain hazardous substances, the regular trash is not the place to discard them. We are talking bromine, beryllium and polyvinyl chloride. A landfill is not an environmentally sound destination. Some older video game systems are in demand more than others. The rare or truly popular consoles you may want to keep. Unless it is a special edition, the regular Atari 2600 system is fairly common and worth very little. Unless it is brand new in box, which is extremely rare.

Elevator Control Systems

Aside from the elevator itself (or "lift" as they call it in England) there are other potential scrap metal components. The button panels, primary velocity transducer, sensors and cables and contribute to the control system. So if you happen to have this type of hardware, give us a call.


Determine your options prior to disposal of a stove. They are large, contain a lot of metal and potentially harmful to the environment. Some older stoves embody chemicals which will damage the ozone layer. As a result, scrapyards are the best place to dispose of a stove. Just be sure to call ahead for any special instructions. You don't want to trespass on any property!

Pots and Pans

Every household has some sort of cookware combination that is made of metal. The material is likely aluminum, copper or steel. Check first that your pots and pans to be recycled do not have a Teflon coating, as a portion of facilities will not accept items with that coating. Otherwise, these make for great scrap metal, as much of the metals can easily be recycled and re-purposed into other items.

Automotive and Boat Parts

If you aren't selling an entire car but have auto parts, there are many segments made of metals to recycle. Once they are cleared of other materials, car parts made of aluminum are usually the radiator, rims, engine block, alternators and bumpers. The catalytic converter is a piece of metal that needs to be in correct form before bringing to a buyer. Make sure to remove the pipes connecting to it, so you can see the interior. Just don't try to open the "cat." Aside from the automobiles, there are also some boats which have high aluminum content. Like the car parts, different materials need to be separated first on the boat. But if a boat happens to be constructed entirely of aluminum, then hallelujah!

Suffolk County Scrap Metal Services

Irving's Recyclables has years of experience taking in and recycling metals. If you have any questions about the types of metals we take and recycle, please contact us before coming down. That way we are all on the same page and there is no wasted time or resources. Our number is (631) 842-1222. We service customers from across Suffolk County from our Amityville location. We look forward to helping you with any of your scrap metal questions.