What Kind of Scrap Metals Come From Junk Cars?

Irving's Recyclables is a trusted and reliable location for recycling many types of junk cars and scrap metals. Even if your older car no longer operates, it still has great value due to the metals and parts that make up the vehicle. After taking apart your car, check out the materials that you harvested from each part. Chances are these materials are still quite useful. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to give us a call! Our number is 631-842-1222. We look forward to helping you clean the earth and rid it of any scrap metal.

Common Scrap Materials from Junk Cars

  • Regular Steel – Most car bodies are comprised of steel. This includes the car’s frame, hood, trunk and doors. This durable material is made strong enough to protect against natural wear and provide safety for the driver and passengers.  Although steel frames is heavily used, some recent model cars have started to use aluminum frames. 
  • Stainless Steel – There may be some stainless steel parts on your junk car as well. This material is used often in a car’s exhaust system. Use a magnet to check if a part is stainless steel. If the magnet DOES NOT stick to the part, it is most likely a stainless steel part.
  • Copper – This vital material is typically used in a car’s battery, electronics, and wiring harness. Copper wiring can be found in many areas around your junk car. It helps pass signaling information through the car’s safety features, computer, radio and virtually all other electronic components. Alternators and starters contain copper as well.
  • Lead – Car tires rely on lead in the car’s wheel weights to keep them balanced while driving. Wheel weights can be stripped from the car’s aluminum rims to be sold for scrap separately. The lead-based battery in your car is very heavy, so scrapping them separately from your junk car and intact is advised.
  • Precious Metals – These materials are actually common in cars. Palladium and platinum in a car’s catalytic converter, for example, help reduce pollution from emissions while the engine is running. When selling these parts, keep them intact with your catalytic converter’s ends still on for the best value. 
  • Aluminum – Although aluminum is thought to be a weaker metal because of its flexibility, most cars use cast aluminum, which is stronger and widely used throughout its body. Usually found in the engine, aluminum can tolerate the friction and heat generated from the engine’s moving parts. Additionally, rims, doors, and hoods are often made with this long-lasting material. 

Trusted Scrap Metal Location

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