Scrap Metal Buyer

Irving's Recyclables is a trusted and respected scrap metal buyer for customers across Long Island. We are open Monday through Saturday and buy all types of scrap metal. Top dollar will be paid!!

Information About Renewing Scrap Metal on Long Island

The actual refining of aluminum metal is so energy intensive, using recycled aluminum to manufacture new aluminum products saves a huge amount of the energy required to produce aluminum from ore. Aluminum recycling saves the energy equivalent of 15 million barrels of crude oil every year. Recycling copper uses only 10% of the energy needed for extraction. This energy saving leads to the conservation of valuable reserves of oil, gas or coal and reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

This is yet another reason why copper is a prized Long Island scrap metalBecause brass contains a large percentage of copper, recycling brass will also save energy needed for extraction and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Considering its composition, brass is also a valued Long Island scrap metal. The recycling of used lead scrap metal products applies only about one third of the energy required to produce lead from mining, resulting in substantial energy savings and fewer carbon emissions.

Trusted Scrap Metal Buyer

For more information regarding our scrap metal services, please contact us today. We are a trusted Long Island scrap metal buyer who is willing to take on and purchase any scrap metals you may want to get rid of. The number to call is 631-842-1222. We proudly recycle many different types of scrap metal for your convenience. We aim to make the earth a cleaner place, while also putting a little extra money in your wallet.