2000s Junk Cars

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Kia Carnival

Also known as the Sedona, this minivan first appeared in the late 90s. While “Carnival” is a somewhat unimpressive name for a car, the vehicle is now in its third generation and has since been marketed by Hyundai as the Entourage. Believing it would help to sell better, Kia decided to call it a “multi-purpose vehicle.” The latest models feature entry without key, alloy wheels and satellite radio. In 2009, the Entourage was actually declared to be one of the safety cars and was one of the cheapest to insure.


Subaru Impreza

The second generation of this car was introduced in this decade. A bit larger than its previous incarnation, this Impreza showed several improvements. When this Subaru model was first issued in the early 90s, it was a replacement for the maker’s now-classic looking Leone. Even during the early manufacturing of the Leone, the vehicle was installed with the exclusive "boxer" or "flat" engine.

Toyota Scion tC

Scion was established in 2003 mainly as an attraction to younger buyers. With its sporty features leading the way, it saw some initial success on its launch. However, after a few years of diminishing falling sales, Toyota decided to cancel its Scion brand, making it a viable cash for cars candidate on Long Island. Three Scion models are transitioning over to Toyota to begin production in 2017.

Ford Taurus 

It was redesigned in the year 2000 and saw a surge in sales and popularity. It saw an upgrade in features and rewarded car buyers with a smooth ride. And Ford's Personal Safety System added an extra layer of safety for passengers, as well as newly designed seat belts and air bags that deflated at different rates. However, it has been a long time since this car saw an audience in the car market and the mid-size version of the car ended production in 2007, making way for the more modern feeling full-size model.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 

The 2000 model of the Jeep Grand Cherokee revolutionized the Jeep consumer-base and put this car in the forefront of people's minds, especially those interested in off-roading. Interestingly enough, this car actually performed better off-road than it did on highways, where the drive system often caused a bit of drive-line whine. However, the mid-size model that was wildly popular faded and ended production in 2010, which means car parts for it may become more expensive to find.

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