Scrap Aluminum Information

Aluminum is a tough yet lightweight rust-resistant metal found in the Earth's crust in combination with other elements. The United States aluminum industry is the world's largest and one of the scrap metals found on Long Island that we buy and recycle. There are many places on Long Island where you can find this metal. Though you may not get a load of money, you will be helping the environment by ridding it of unwanted metal.

Recycling Aluminum

In theory, aluminum is 100% recyclable and you would not even lose any of its natural qualities. It is one of the highest per capita metals used in the United States. Knowing the per capita stocks is important for recycling planning, as you can gauge their approximate lifespans. And due it is high usage rate, the recovery of aluminum is an important task for those in the aluminum industry.

Recycling of aluminum involves melting the scrap meal. This process requires only 5% of the energy used to produce aluminum. This is a significant gain in energy and saves natural resources from being used again. Recycled aluminum is also known as secondary aluminum. It maintains the same physical properties as primary aluminum and is produced in a wide range of formats. 80% of alloy injections uses secondary aluminum.

Aluminum Disposal Services

Irving's Recyclables of Long Island is a leader in scrap metal pick-up and disposal. One of our main disposal materials is aluminum scrap metal. Please contact us today to learn more about our scrap metal services. Call or email us today for pick-up and disposal services. We have years of experience providing this service for customers across the Long Island. Make a few extra bucks and help out the environment in the process.